We strive for positive social change in all we do.

It’s in our name.

Kita is an Indonesian word that means ‘we’ and ‘us’, in a way that expressly includes you, that is ‘we, and you too‘. This is to be distinguished from ‘kami’, meaning ‘we, but not you’.

Delta Δ in mathematics denotes change, or difference.

We believe in collectively making a difference.

We do this in two ways:

1. Ideas into action

We work with you to make your ideas a reality.

Our capacity to do so is based on decades of experience with small to large scale social change projects: creating organisations and partnerships, implementing government and community programs, and mentoring founders.

2. Creating access and opportunities 

We see the inequality in the world. We strive to redress this in the work we do.

We instigate and collaborate with others on projects big and small to create access and opportunities for those that would struggle to do so. Our current focus is on education.

We aim to be global citizens. Our team of collaborators span Vietnam, Hong Kong and Australia. We can work with you in any location facilitated by a phone or internet access.

Tài liệu Về Kita Delta

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