We have a diverse portfolio of skills and nous to support you to turn your ideas into reality.  We deliver pragmatic solutions, build your capacity and systems for the long-term. We tailor our solutions to your particular context.

We have an unusual mix of cross-sector experiences across government, private sector, higher education and advocacy, and thus have an astute understanding of what works.

Leadership training & facilitation

Our leadership training program is informed by a deep understanding from our research into wise leadership in a global and intercultural world. We customise our training program to suit your needs.

We can also guide and shape your strategic planning. This includes scoping and defining the problem, synthesising evidence to inform your decisions, conducting stakeholder consultations, and facilitating the collective decision-making to arrive at your vision.

Disruptiv consulting services

disruptiv We understand that it can be a struggle to turn ideas into plans, and then into action.  Our Disruptiv methodology seeks to disrupt routine thinking and takes you through practical steps to grow your company, develop strategies, or solve difficult problems. We can take the lead on implementing projects for you.

Tailored services in higher education 

We can support you to use your valuable research work to create impact. We can translate your research into policy briefs, practice guidelines, and think pieces.

We also provide personalised support to students, especially international students. We provide dedicated coaching and mentoring to help students navigate their time in higher education. We are passionate about students being able to reach their full potential.

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Past clients/contracts

Our work (publicly available)

Much of our work undertaken is confidential and not publicly available. Below are a few that we can share publicly.  They include programs and organisations where we were instrumental in pioneering, and our public commentary and advocacy statements.