Our growing team – with extensive international experiences – brings broad perspectives and expertise that ensures we deliver pragmatic and innovative solutions. Everyone working with Kita Delta shares common attributes: we are curious creatures, we celebrate the generosity of spirit, and we are focused on delivering positive social impact in our work.

Ms Thu-Trang Tran – Founder & Principal Consultant, Australia & Vietnam

Thu-Trang’s career centres on creating impact in everything she does. Thu-Trang was a commercial lawyer by training, and have since been able to combine her commercial acumen with social justice values in her career for more than two decades. She has held senior positions and delivered consultancy projects for multinational corporations, government, not-for-profits & INGOs. Thu-Trang has worked across with Vodafone, the Victorian Government in Australia, Oxfam Australia, University of Melbourne, and recently founded her social enterprise. She is also completing her doctoral thesis on wisdom in public administration in Australia and China. Thu-Trang is deft at translating ideas into action in complex environments, adding value to your organisation’s strategy development and implementation. 

Ms Lan-Anh Tran – Principal Consultant, Vietnam

Lan Anh is devoted to mastering self-leadership and development of others to their fullest potential. Besides her extensive track record of professional expertise in organisational management and leadership, she has spent over 10 years exploring and practising emotional development: rational thinking (mindset) and subconscious emotions (‘heart’-set). Drawing from this, she is committed to coaching others to create and live a meaningful and successful life in their own true ways; and develop a career trajectory infused with meaning and vision leading to sustained success.

Lan Anh’s career highlights includes over 10 years of consulting and training expertise with a diverse range of international and Vietnamese organisations, including the Asian Development Bank, UNDP, Action Aid Vietnam and other INGOs, Vietnamese government agencies, and top-tier consulting companies. 

Dr Maria Tran – Principal Education Adviser, Australia

Dr Maria Tran holds a Master of Education and has over two decades of experience in teaching students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in dentistry. Her thesis delved deeply into the value of stress management in teaching and learning strategies. Maria’s medical and educational expertise provides unique lenses to understanding education, positive psychology, and wellbeing. Maria has also organised and volunteered in medical development field trips across Vietnam and Mongolia to provide professional training and medical assistance to rural and regional communities.

Associate Consultants & Collaborators

We also work with a network of associates and collaborators to deliver our customised services and social enterprise projects.

  • Mr Tan Anh Nguyen, Australia (Consulting Services)
  • Mr King Chan, Australia and Vietnam (Consulting Services)
  • Ms Annie Duncan, Hong Kong (Illustrator)
  • Ms Thuc Ha Nguyen, Vietnam (Author)
  • Mr Garry Godfrey, Vietnam and Australia (O WOW! Book Adviser)
  • Ms Thanh Binh Ton Nu, Vietnam (Journalist & Community Leader)

Nhân Sự – Tài liệu Tiếng Việt