Kita Delta instigates its own social change projects, capitalising on the passions and drive of its collaborators, and a carpe diem approach that seizes opportunities to make a difference.

Wise leadership for a global future

A leadership development program developed especially for a multi-cultural workforce, and for Industry 4.0. We recognise the unique human abilities of leadership and wisdom would be much needed in the age of rapid industrialisation, artificial intelligence and robotics. We recently launched a series of seminars in Hanoi in Vietnamese (Lãnh đạo thông thái trong hành động – Hội thảo dành cho các tổ chức và cá nhân – Ha Nội).

O WOW! Books (Our Words Our Worlds): Children’s bilingual picture books

O WOW! Books publishes books that aim to be windows and mirrors that reflect the multicultural lives lived out in globalised world. There is a ‘diversity gap’ in the literature (aka #weneeddiversebooks movement) and it’s important for children to see themselves represented in the books they read. Words children hear and read create the worlds they know, the culture they inhabit, and the values they learn to live by. Find out more about our highly successful Pirate Kim water safety project!

‘Kickstart my Future’ – Women’s empowerment program

This program is about equipping young women with the skills to get a head start in building their careers through workshops and mentoring relationships with experienced professionals. The development of work/life skills is a pragmatic approach to empowerment. We hope each participant walks away with a sense of agency and empowerment –personal and collective– to shape their future and that of their communities. Visit the Nha Trang team’s Facebook page for our current program running from October 2018 to February 2019 in partnership with Sheraton Nha Trang & Alana Hotel. Our 2019, joined by Lanterns Nha Trang, was with young minority women in the Khanh Vinh mountains. We are making plans for the program to expand across Vietnam.

Championing local change makers

This takes many forms, as instigator and as follower, as both are important and humbling acts in collaborative efforts. There have been a few projects, but the Ka Sen School is one of the best to date that showcases the ‘just do it’ attitude and the power of personal integrity and relationships in Vietnam to make things happen.

Sustainability of projects

Our preferred approach is to pilot projects in partnership with local organisations to test a need or a proposed solution. We design, document, and evaluate projects so that local partners can readily sustain projects for the longer term.

Some of our organisational collaborators are:

Các Dự Án – Tài liệu Tiếng Việt

Lãnh đạo thông thái trong hành động – Hội thảo dành cho các tổ chức và cá nhân – Ha Nội